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Building a long-standing relationship with your healthcare provider is something that many healthcare professionals believe is crucial to the best health care experience possible. This belief is more accurate than ever in today’s ever more complex world of healthcare. The primary care provider or PCP fills that role.

Having a Redmond primary care physician is one of the most important things a patient can do to manage their health care. Primary care physicians can act as an overseer of general health. That’s important for many people, whether they have many chronic illnesses or whether they’re perfectly healthy. In the relatively complicated medical arena that we have these days, people need someone to help them figure out where they need to get the care, what type of care is appropriate, and if the primary care doesn’t handle whatever their needs are. We’re able to direct them to the people who can help them.

Family Practice Or Internal Medicine

Providers who serve as primary care physicians are often either family practice specialists or internal medicine specialists. One may be a better fit for you than the other when the physician can take care of all family members from birth until the senior stage. An internal medicine physician is specialized to care for adult patients. This specialization means caring for patients after age 18 into the geriatrics level.

Nurse practitioners or NPs also often serve as primary care providers. Nurse Practitioners who work within large healthcare systems can often provide their patients with additional benefits. Because of the integrated, system providers can efficiently and quickly move a patient from the primary care setting where a patient might need a surgery to recover from the surgery and then back to your primary care provider. At each step of the way, the patient is cared for thoroughly.

Primary Care For Many Years

Ideally, a primary care provider will serve as your caregiver for many years. There are several things to consider when choosing one, including, perhaps most importantly, how well you and your physician connect.

Using a primary care doctor is truly an individual process. The most important thing that a patient should seek when they’re choosing their PCP is to make sure that they can connect on a personal level. Trust between a patient and a doctor is the most robust foundation for a healthy doctor/patient relationship.

There Needs To Be A Connection

Like a counselor, or just like any other professional, not everyone can be everyone’s doctor. At some level, there has to be a connection. When I choose my physician, it’s not so much about asking specific questions. It’s more about asking, “Is this going to be a good fit”?

It’s essential to emphasize primary care and how valuable it is to the healthcare system. And I think we appreciate the value of the primary care physician. If you’re ready to get started, contact Seth Fader today